Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Bath #orayaart


yes so the thing I like about the green age is how complicated it is.
So I'm guessing that unless these units are not sealed they are no use, as i wont be able to blow the water out of them in the winter.



Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2nd today, my favorite number.

Today I tested live streaming, to give myself a technological education and just to see how long I can maintain doing a video blog consecutively, and of course to keep you all up to speed on my diary.
What else have I done
Well I’ve created a fundraiser on my fb page, so if you are feeling generous please donate to my optimistic birthday and house-warming joint fund.
It’s a shell ATM so I literally need the kitchen sink.
Having just got back from my recent Africa travels, I was reminded of how I stayed at a campsite and got chatting, the woman told me that they wanted to build an eco-hospitality establishment, but that when she looked into it she realized that Eco “isn’t for me”.
Lots of people are just good for taking the easy option, but on the other hand Eco is being make a lot harder than it needs to be, so you are inspired, all fired up, got your land and then, you have to give a whole new education to the planners- environment agency and building regulations but it shouldn’t be like that, it needs to be made easier and my way around that is that Bulgaria. It has all the all the elements I need to make my dream come true. I can infiltrate the system and, speed up the process by having a more intimate relationship with the planners while at the same time bringing new building power technology to the region.
Anyway, if I’m right, It doesn’t have to be difficult and I’m here to prove that to you.
What else…. Well today I sent and email to the property agent saying that I am going to be over next month and could they give me some contacts so that I can move forward with getting the house connected to the facilities. It’s a scary thing that is making me feel, well scared. It’s really happening.
Also, I googled some flights to Bulgaria and what I hear is that they are cheep till march and then the prices rocket up. So all set then.
I also looked into starting a business bank account in Bulgaria, and it turns out that you can open one in a day. I need to get one set up so that I can start making payments from that account and connect it to PayPal too to receive payments.
I had some really great ideas at 4am this morning, but I’m saving those and will let you know eventually what that is about. I am already planning a crowd funder for December 2019 and its packed with amazing incentives. I have made a decision to focus more in building the dream then earning, so I am focusing on computer related learning. Its great to have a plan tho.
I have also done some research into crops that I would like to farm while over there, the production of hempcrete would be very achievable and there is nothing better than growing your own building materials.