Tuesday, 21 August 2018

mentally moving in.

there are stages that you go through, apparently when you move to another country, the what have I done stage, and many others that I am still waiting for them to hit me.however, there is one that is hitting me. The scale of the projects that I have let myself in for. As I think about the list of things that I am taking over in the first move, what to pack, what they wont have, and what I should not bring. here is the list so far-

  • t-bags
  • marmite
  • woodworm 25liters
  • hand tools
  • furniture- tables and chairs
  • wardrobes
  • bedding
  • dust masks
  • specialized paints
  • art materials
  • moterbike
things I'm not supposed to take are

  • beds
  • white goods 
  • power tools
  • lawnmower
Its rather bizarre, cant imagine what I can and cant get there, but some of them are not obvious. It is sense that the electric system is different, and that we shouldn't take any plug in equipment, but really.

Monday, 13 August 2018


I have taken some pictures of the house before any work was done on it, this is to give me a reference point when i look back.
the first stage is to do some building work on the house and make it suitable for Air B&B and guests that come, to volunteer with the Eco builds. I want to make it comfortable with a working veggie garden before anyone is invited over.
There is so much to do, so I'm going to run you through it with the help of some pictures.
                                                           All the rooms are double glazed and have high cielings, but they all need a re-paint.
here is the view from the the upstairs bedroom

this is the whole for the wood burning flue, they are high up and small and there are chimneys connected to every room

angain you can see where the plug sockets are half way up the wall.

here is the rear entrance to the garrage
this is going to need re-pointing, where the drain water has worn it away, it will also need redirecting.
a detail of the hallway before any work
the back of the house, i think they have used a resin and polystyrene render and as you can see it only covers the top half of the building.
here is the electric box at the top of the stairs.
here is the interesting stairs detail i was telling you about. the stairs go down and there is no room for the last few steps as the door is in the way.
upstairs landing
the old electrical box

wires hanging down

here is the kitchen sink. its the only thing in the kitchen. traditionally they have summer kitchens, which are outdoor kitchens. below the kitchen is the cellar.

the kitchen has two windows looking out wither side of the house.

this is the view from the balony looking down

this is where i want to build an extension, i want to put in two upstairs on suite bathrooms and one downstairs.

the garden from the balcony

here are the tile remains from the building that was once there on my land, i suspect that they have removed the wood for fuel.
this is the outside toilet

here is a foot long Geko, there was 2 but the bigger one was too quick for a picture

here are mud bricks, the traditional was of building.
some where in my massive garden

the toilet door

the cellar 

toilet wall outdoor, its a few meters from the house.
the cellar entrance

not sure what this is, its either and oven, or a secret passage, its in the cellar.
strange whole in the floor needs investigation

here is the house back entrance.

the house from the side.

this is the barn/ future studio, gallery, classroom

black caterpillars on the nettles.

either an old well or a stove, its concrete, may have been the remains of the oven in the outdoor kitchen.