The Dream

Environment is everything and health of our environment determines the quality of life for all living things. There-for it is overdue that I put my lifelong dream into action. We receive love from the beauty in the nature around us and that Is why I have named this large, complex and varied dream, "Project Beautiful", and it has a deadline.
The deadline is the 16.3.2030. Vision. Love. Joy. Passion. 

The Dream, is to build a unique and inspirational, complex, an Art Gallery, Eco Building/ Learning Center/ Arts Center, /Conference Hall, with a Cafe . All fully Self Sustaining, Self Powered, Eco Friendly, Off Grid and set on a working Bio-Dynamic Plot. 

There will be an Art Gallery which will be a Hybrid/ showcase, of the following Eco building techniques- Earth-Ship, Cob House, Bail Build, Rammed Earth or Chalk Building and Hemp Create. These buildings will be for the community a learning space for the projects as well as providing a tourist attraction and visitors showcase. It is hoped that it will have a positive impact on the environment for future generations

 There is one other very important aspect to this dream; The gallery will provide a lifelong showcase to the work of the Artist; Oraya of OrayaArt and I hope to open it on the 16th,3,2030

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