Hi there, my Name is Oraya Rogers. 
I have a Dream. 
My dream is to Open an Art Gallery for my 50th birthday,to showcase my life's work and give them, my Children, a permanent resting place when I am gone.

 I am an artist. After spending my youth painting and drawing, I found I have too much work to store, and the work was too large to move about with me where-ever I moved to. It broke my heart when I had to Burn some of my best works because there was no home for my children. I wanted them to have a home. I worked to exhibit, and in those days I had a local reputation as an Artist, I even made it as a finalist in the National Portrait Gallery and was selected for National Artist of the Year.
 I was in the Whitstable Contemporary Art Group, but my Art was not Marketable and the only way I could see to make it up the political ladder, through the conservative London Art Scene and into the famous Art Category, was through compromising myself, my Values, and playing a Game.  I didn't want to take the route required to make myself famous, which I felt i could do by Networking with Celebrity Artists and Collectors and Gallery owners. My alternative was, to big myself up, and financially invest in Myself using money to create an online presence and market myself to the extreme. However I felt the same about work, I didn't want to do work that was immoral on any level, that compromised my-self or others at any level, or that was in any-way a non ethical company, better to be poor. I made a choice to stop producing works until I found another way. So I resolved to find a way I could continue to produce without sacrifice and compromise, and where by babies would be safe. I came up with the idea, that I would build my own Gallery.

There are so many life skills that I have acquired that make me believe I have what it takes to make this dream come true.
                  meanwhile here is some relevant back herstory of mine.

At these Educational Institutions I studied a verity of trades in this order;
Various Steiner and State Pre-Schools, including, Home Education.
Canterbury Steiner School (Previously, Perry Court Steiner School)
University For The Creative Arts (UCA, previously, KIAD)
Merton Collage, Morden
Correspondence Courses- Long Distance Learning
Greenwich Community Collage-
Psychosynthesis Trust-  (Previously,
The Psychsynthesis And Educational Trust UCL, University  Of East London)

My Professional Work, Skills include;
Costume Designer
Wood Carver
Antiques Restorer
Care Assistant
Art teacher

Certified Trades Skills
All round education
Art Education
Motorcycle Mechanics
Business Start up
Web design
Counselling and Psychology
Earthship Building Course
Straw Bail Building
Rammed Earth
Cob Building
Hemp Create Building
Green Roofing

My Personal Passions And Hobbies In Life
Eco Builds
Bio Dynamics

                   Does it therefore not make sense that everything that I am, Believe in, or have done in my life up to now has been leading up to making this Dream of mine come true.

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